Julia Whelan on sexism in the audiobook industry

Caroline Kitcher: Do you think we believe women’s voices less? Julia Whelan: Yes. I think part of the problem is that women have been socially conditioned to present their voices in a certain way. Maybe we have told them that high and breathier is sexier … or that they should present their statements as questions, […]

Your own star-gazing suit

If you’re like me, you’re usually standing around wondering how to dress like an 18th-century astronomer. So imagine my pleasure when I found : How to Dress Like and 18th-Century Astronomer over at AltasObscura. The suit is insulated with wool and flannel, and boasts a pair of built-in slippers to keep [Nevil] Maskelyne’s toes nice […]

Harper Lee’s true crime story

Casey Cep, who seems to be The New Yorker’s resident Harper Lee expert, is out with a Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee from Knopf. Alexandra Alter at The New York Times had a nice Q&A with her earlier this month. There are two intertwined mysteries at the heart of […]

Crime reporters allowed to carry guns

Strange times in Brazil, as that country’s president has signed a decree allowing crime reporters to carry guns. Under a terse decree signed by the president on 7 May and published in the official gazette yesterday, “professional journalists who cover crime” are among the many categories of citizens now allowed to carry firearms in public. The other […]

Xenophon sounds kinda xool

Eve Browning, a professor at UT-San Antonio wrote an amazing essay on Xenophon, one of those ancient Greek guys you might brush up against at some point in a philosophy or history class, but maybe forget about. Or, heck, maybe you’re always thinking about Xenophon. Either way, you’ll really dig this essay, which opens telling […]