Harper Lee’s true crime story

Casey Cep, who seems to be The New Yorker’s resident Harper Lee expert, is out with a Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee from Knopf. Alexandra Alter at The New York Times had a nice Q&A with her earlier this month. There are two intertwined mysteries at the heart of […]

The discipline of Danielle Steel

An author profile in Glamour magazine? Yeah. Not Nicholas Sparks? Yeah. A wonderful 1,500-word profile of Danielle Steel? Yeah. If they’d set the over/under on her output at 100 books, I’d have taken the under. I think most of us would have. Well, she’s written 179 books. I’ve read as many of her books as […]

Denis Johnson’s final novel

J. Robert Lennon, who teaches at Cornell and is a heck of a story writer himself, has a piece in The Nation about Denis Johnson’s The Largess of the Sea Maiden and this book’s relation to Jesus’ Son. “I’ve gone looking for that feeling everywhere,” Fuckhead tells us in “Car Crash,” a line that also […]

Island fiction

Laura Elliot (Guilty, Grand Central Publishing) has a clever piece over at CrimeReads in which she runs through the hows and wheres and whys of setting a novel on an island. From the Falklands to the Faroe Islands, from Lehane to Golding, the essay covers some ground. Read it here

New Jay Stringer

The lovely and talented Jay Stringer has a new novel coming out, and you’re going to love it. I dug it when I read it in draft form a while back and Booklist loved it, too. Starred review and all. Well, get on with it, then.  Archaeologist-turned-relic-runner Marah Chase, who’s acquired a “reputation” in the Middle […]